Pledge to Prepare!

Unfortunately there are disasters and emergencies we all confront now matter what part of the country we live in...

Wild Fires

As Western Iowa's Feral and Homeless Cat Program embarks on training to become part of an Disaster Animal Response Team,  we want to help you prepare yourselves so that when and if a disaster comes, you will have a large part in helping your own animal survive.

First and foremost Microchip your Pet!  Should they get frightened and get away from you, they will run and may not have time to look for them...Micro chipping may be the only way of reuniting you when the danger is gone.  Do it!!!

Take and print a current picture of your pet - this may be useful if a search is needed to find him/her.  Carry this photo with you at all times.

Begin now to develop a good First Aid Kit  for your pets  - this first aid kit is quite inclusive, choose what is most important for you and keep it with your carrier, so there is no scrambling around to find it.

Have a clean pet carrier ready and available for EACH pet in case you need to evacuate or need to contain them in the house.
Carrier should contain:

  • Small Litter Box with litter and newspaper - use the bottom of a plastic bucket (like the litter buckets) - simply cut off the bottom to about 3".  - in a pinch, newspaper torn in strips works for litter.
  • Food and water to last 3 days - in a shelter this will tide you over til other help comes or you can go home.  Cats drink about 1 oz of water to each pound of their weight.
  • Blanket
  • Favorite toy
  •  It would be nice to have a  collapsible wire pen if you have time to put it in the car if you are evacuated.  This would be quite useful if you end up in a rescue for a few days...more room for kitty and litter box.

Have all medical records current and a copy with the emergency carrier- Print a free form here!

Treats:  To round up your cats or if its a matter of just needed to get all cats to a certain location in the house, teach them to run to get "treats" ...shaking the treat bag can get them to all come running makes getting them quickly to the basement or into the carriers quite easy! The kitties will think its a party!!!

We hope there is NEVER a need for any of the above...but please, please be prepared...

Will you take the pledge to prepare????