Birthday Club Membership

Happy Birthday to you!!

Want to help WIFCaP on an annual basis?   Then become a member of the WIFCaP Birthday Club!

How do I become a member?
To become a member of the "WIFCaP Birthday Club", simply hold a fundraiser on your Facebook page, during the month of your birthday.   If at least $50 is raised through your fundraiser, you will be come a member for the current year!

Why become a Birthday Club member?

  • Help bring awareness to Western Iowa's Feral and Homeless Cat Program
  • Help bring much needed funds into our program (Our services are dictated by how much funds we have.  No funds, no kitties can be helped.  Our vet expenses last year were over $30,000.  That is an average of $2500 per month on vet bills alone.)
  • Show your support to your friends and family.
  • All funds donated through facebook fundraisers are completely fee-free!  We get 100% of the funds donated.

What's in it for YOU?

  • By holding a birthday Fundraiser on Facebook, you will have the opportunity to send a quality photo of your rescued cat or outdoor community cats that you care for.  Your pictures will be used on our annual calendar for the month of your birthday! 
  • Qualifying Birthday Club members will be entitled to one FREE annual Calendar!
  • Knowledge that you helped WIFCaP provide services for at least ONE spa treatment.  ($50 is the cost of Spay/neuter and vaccinations for one community cat).  
How Do I sign up?

Simply make a status post on your own Facebook Page that says you want to ask your friends and family to donate to us instead of sending your cards or gifts.

When making a post on your own Facebook page there are options at the bottom of the post field...says Photo/video - Feeling/Activity and 3 little dots. If you click on the dots you get other options. One is to Support Non-Profit. If you click that, you can select us! That will automatically give you a fundraiser for us! 

BTW:  You dont have to wait til your birthday month to do this.  We welcome fundraisers anytime!!

Please email if you have any questions about this fun new opportunity to help!

Most phone pictures will be quality photos.  Photos snagged from Facebook get resized to a much smaller pixel and may not work well.  Photos must be emailed to  Please add name of cat, location and if rescued or community, outdoor or colony cat....Thank you!