Friday, March 24, 2017


It is that time of year again!   The Omaha Community Foundation along with Pottawattamie County Community Foundation is sponsoring this one day giving event once more!

This event happens on Wednesday May 24, 2017

This is 24 hour event, you our supporter can donate to OmahaGives and not only will we get your donation, but we will also be eligible for prizes and awards!  There are hourly prizes, and random prizes graciously sponsored by local businesses. 

We have a Challenge Fund of $1200, to date. These are pledged donations to match your dollars as they come in.

Last year, our goal was $10,000.  We came SO close and gained just under!   

This year our goal is $12,000.  Can we do it?  Can you help?

If you can only give once a year, this would be the time to do so.   With the matching Challenge Funds and the potential in prize money, your dollars will go much farther to help more kitties in Western Iowa.

For all details Click here!

"WIFCaP" continues to be a small grassroots effort run completely by volunteers!

We are pleased and honored to be part of this awesome event again in 2017 and we cherish your support!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Idea Brought to Fruition!

Several years ago, while trying to trap a semi feral farm cat that simply would not enter a trap, the wonderful caregiver had the idea to drop a cardboard box over the cat.  He had cut a flap on one end.  Once in the trap, he weighted the box down so the cat couldn't scoot away...then we put a transfer cage flush with the flap opened it with a string attached and threaded thru the top of the cage and the cat fled...right into the transfer cage.  It was cumbersome and "iffy" if the cat would actually stay in the box long enough to transfer, but it worked.   Then some time later, on another farm, another caretaker had many cats that were tame enough for him to pet (not pick up) and they would circle his legs and eat in his presence.  He suggested it would be good if we had something to lower over them and said how easy it would be to get some of these semi-friendly cats that needed help.   The ideas from those two men rolled in my head and I started seriously thinking about it.   A hand held drop trap...something with a removable bottom was just what we needed.   We would need to lower it over the cat...put the bottom in and lock it and then we needed a "gate" to open one end so that we could release and remove the cat as needed.   I talked to several people before I found
Chuck at Northern Industries, who agreed to work with us and create this new tool for TNR.   It's finally done and is on the market!  You can order one here:   CaP Trap

CAP TRAP - Original design by WIFCaP!

Not only has Chuck brought our idea into reality, he is sharing a percentage of the sales on this item with us!  This will be a wonderful source of funds for WIFCaP because we know how well it works and every TNR group should have one in their arsenal of TNR tools.   Chuck also will give 7.5% of ANY sale from his website if you mention WIFCap or Western Iowa's Feral and Homeless Cat Program.  

We are so grateful to Chuck for being community minded and understanding the importance of TNR.  See all their wonderful trapping equipment here.... Northern Industries  Be sure to mention WIFCaP or Western Iowa's Feral and Homeless Cat Program when you order anything from this site!   Thank you for helping us help other kitties like this !