WIFCaP's Wish List

Even though we try hard to use every dollar to give more outdoor kitties "spa treatments", there are some other expenses that we incur during the year.   Listed here are some of those items, that should you decide to, could be a donation on your part!   You can also designate your monetary donation for any of these purposes!   We thank you all so much for your involvement with Western Iowa's Feral and Homeless Cat Program by giving!


Traps:   We use a specific brand from Tru Catch.  These traps have proved to be the best for our needs and this link will show you the exact ones.

Gas cards - it takes many miles and much gasoline to get our trapped kitties where they need to go!

LARGE old Towels ;   These get quite the workout, and we go through them quickly.  Sometimes it's easier to put them in the trash after a manly tom cat has had the pleasure of sleeping on them for a day or so!  These should be large enough to cover our traps...Large bath towels are best.

Canned Cat Food:  This does not have to be expensive brand, as just a small amount is used for baiting the trap.  Honestly, the stinkier the better.  Fishy flavors are good!


Kathy does all the bookkeeping, accounting, mailing etc.  Because of fundraisers and auctions, there are items that routinely have to be mailed.

Postage:  Most of our mailings are packages...so designating a donation to postage is always good!

Padded Envelopes: The golden colored padded envelopes in any size help get things mailed out at a cheaper rate.  We try to mail in padded envelopes whenever possible and all sizes are welcome.

Un-padded Envelopes:  Large golden colored business envelopes are also used to mail items.  Again, any size of these can be useful.

Bubble wrap - auction items are often fragile, so packing materials including bubble wrap are used.

Sealing Tape - you know the kind, 2" wide, clear shipping packaging tape, I have the dispenser, just need the rolls of tape.

Copy Paper:  Regular white copy paper.  At least 20lb weight..

Copier Ink :  EXPENSIVE!  Right now our printer uses Canon CL-241 (color) and Canon 240 (black)   ...the XL is great because it lasts longer.

Mechanical Pencils:   Used a lot for bookkeeping and recording...cheap ones are great...just throw away kind!

For Kitten Care:

Although we try hard not to take in kittens, it usually does happen that we get a few each season to help foster and find homes for. In that event, food and formula are needed.

KMR - Kitten Formula -  We like to use the powder   KMR-2nd step is good for the little bit bigger babies that need special nutrition!

Kitten Canned and Dry Food:  Any brand works for us!

Donations can be mailed to: 

PO BOX 244 
Walnut, Ia  51577

Please call Kathy at WIFCaP to hand deliver in Walnut Iowa.712-784-2490