About US!

Western Iowa's Feral and Homeless Cat Program, Inc. is a corporation in the state of Iowa and ruled by a board of directors.  WIFCaP  holds a 501c3 Tax status, which means your cash donation is deductable on your annual income taxes. We are licensed in the state if Iowa through Iowa Department of Agricultural Development as an Animal Welfare Agency.   WIFCaP was organized in August of 2011 and now a Network Partner with Best Friends Animal Society.

Our Board of Directors:
President/Treasurer: Kathy Humann
Vice President: Molly Barnes
Secretary: Becky Hantsbarger
Director: Cheryl True
Director: Lois Hartje

How we began:
In the early 2000's , a scraggly old tabby feral cat began to show up on Kathy's back porch.  For 3 years or more, Kathy fed him every morning.  Named Toby, this guy remained loyal to the household even tho he never allowed a human to touch him.  He stole Kathy's heart. He passed away several years ago but is still one of the feline loves of Kathy's heart. Then Mrs. Gray and six babies came into the picture.  With no one to help them and no resources to provide any good outcome, Kathy decided to do something about it.  With the urging of friends, Western Iowa's Feral Cat Program was born.

Kathy Humann currently owns 2 house cats ( or do they own her?).  Lucy is a sweet girl that came from our Avoca Vet Clinic and had been found in an abandoned trailer full of fleas and starving. Jasper is the newest member of the family and was found with his mama and brother in a barn outside of Walnut. Mrs. Gray and Zeva has taken up residence on Kathy's porch.  they are loved by all who follow our Facebook Page.   Kathy is married and  a mom of four and grandmother of eight!  She has "retired" from bookkeeping positions, professional quilting and Bed and Breakfast hosting!    Kathy is Pres/Ex Director of Western Iowa's Feral and Homeless Cat Program and also serves as treasurer.

Kathy explains why she is involved with WIFCaP: " I have to admit that I feel like I was a bit coerced into starting Western Iowa’s Feral and Homeless Cat Program.   When I saw the need and had the time, a great friend of mine and I began talking (and she never let up!) about how a TNR program was needed in our area.   Knowing that taking on a nonprofit would be like a full time job, but that she would be moral, financial and physical support helped me to take the plunge!  Thanks Pam!!!  Helping these animals is like a dream come true for me.  I am able to spend the needed time and energy to make a difference for them and to help our communities manage what might be an uncontrollable problem.  I truly believe that God puts us on earth to glorify Him in the things we do and say.  Each time I pick up an orphaned kitten, a stray cat or feed our feral colonies I am reminded that "His eye is on the Sparrow and I know he watches me" and feel fulfilled and gratified.   Also gratifying is the connection to the people WIFCaP serves.  What a great avenue to show the love of Christ to others in a very meaningful way. Offering assistance and education to others to do the right thing makes my day go very quickly and my sleep extremely peaceful!"
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Kathy and Gibby, a stray that stole Kathy's Heart!

Cheryl True and her husband, Tom have adopted and/or cared for at least 50 cats in the Walnut area over the years and currently calls her grounds "True Haven".  She and her husband, Tom care for approx 25 outdoor free-roaming cats. Tom is an over the road truck driver for Walmart and Cheryl is business owner in Walnut. Cheryl holds twice yearly outdoor events and allows WIFCaP to set up fundraising booths!  Tom is our resident "Crazy Cat Guy" and is always on the ready to help us with whatever we girly-girls cant get done!  Cheryl and Tom have four children and 3 grandchildren.  Cheryl serves on the Board of Directors for WIFCap.

Tom and Cheryl
Becky Hantsbarger is a Walnut resident and a kitty lover from way back.  She lives with several kitties and a parrot!  She is also an adamant outdoor kitty feeder.  She has helped to feed and shelter several outdoor kitties and she is loved by all outside cats on the north end of Walnut!   She works at an attorney's office in Omaha, so she was the purrfect fit as Secretary to the WIFCaP Board! 

Don Marsh:  Becky's husband has recently joined WIFCaP in a web administration capacity.  I don't even know what that means, other than I'm glad he is with us!   He has gotten our emails addresses all set up and is working on some other nonprofit goodies for WIFCaP through Google.  Its good to have a hardware, software guru at the ready!  Email Don

Becky, hubby Don and Grandbaby

Molly Schutz  works for KS95.7 in Atlantic and lives in Walnut.   She has given Kathy and WIFCaP the opportunity to have a short "Cat Chat" weekly on her radio show.  So fun to give information and educate folks about TNR and the care of kitties!   Molly was elected to our board of directors in January 2014!  A great fit and a wonderful supporter!   She and her fiance, Tyler are both a great help to us!
Molly and Tyler

We have many committed volunteers as well!  Watch the facebook page to get a glimpse of their wonderful, beautiful faces!  

Harlan Veterinary Associates Crew!

The Walnut Feral Cat Program's mission statement is as follows...

To trap, neuter and return(TNR)back into the community, all the stray and feral cats in Walnut Iowa. After spay or neutering, vaccinate against rabies and to supply food and shelter to our colony of kitties. To educate people on the importance of spay or neutering pets.

Please see "All about Donations" page to see how you can help!
WIFCaP is a 501c3 !  Your donations are tax deductible!