Friday, May 29, 2015

Get out your Smart Phone to Help WFCaP!

This is the new way to donate and to save money (even earn money) for yourself.  

First thing I want to say is that there really are no strings attached.  It is a FREE download app that will give you tons of deals and shopping discounts.  If you use our reference number 93241 when prompted as you download, WIFCAP will begin benefiting from everything you buy and everyone that you show the app to, who downloads it too...forever!

As you know, I spend hours fundraising, and with this app I think I will be able to do less begging for money and more of what our mission is...TNR and helping those outdoor kitties that have no voice.

I have been working with Karla Horn in California for months to get this up and running for us.  It is a wonderful opportunity and I hope you will think so too.  I really appreciate Karla for thinking of us and working so hard to get us going.

Now we need YOU!  Visit our special P2S website at

click the blue box that says "Watch the Video"'s short, sweet and simple!  Then download the app using our reference # 93241 !  Then use the app to shop!  You will get discounts and deals, you will get cash back (NO annual fee) and only if you want you can get double cash back on your purchases  by purchasing a one time $29.95 option to do that....HALF of that amount is donated to WIFCaP if you use our reference #93241 when downloading!  Remember this is a one time fee , half comes to WIFCaP and you get double cash back on all your purchases....forever!  Many credit card companies are offering double cash back, with $100 annual fees...nope not us!

This can be an amazing way for us to grow our funds without asking you for any money!  Tell your friends!  Tell your Family!   Tell your co workers!  

Also.....One last bit....if you are a shop owner or retailer of any kind, you can apply to offer your own discounts and deals on this app!   There are tabs at the top of our website that explain all that with videos and lots info.   If you have questions, our rep Karla Horn would be more than happy to answer.  You can reach her here!  Just tell her WIFCaP sent you!

Karla Horn
Paid2Save fundraising specialist 

We hope you will join us in this new adventure that incorporates social media technology!  Thanks for hanging with us to see what a small grass roots effort can do!