Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bonnie is Home and All is Well

I picked Bonnie up this morning.  She did very well during surgery.  She's in the bathroom now, recovering for a day or so.

Bonnie is not feral.  Ive learned to tell the difference thanks to articles Ive read on the Internet.  Bonnie was crying and meowing in the cage and didn't totally freak out.

I feel she is most likely another stray cat that has been left in Walnut, by someone who didn't want her anymore or couldn't take care of her.  How in the world do they think that just leaving them outside somewhere is somehow OK?

I'm finding that we have a lot more of this kind of cat in Walnut than I realized.  We are not a shelter, but we have been able to re-home some of our tame kitties.  I have been contacted by another animal shelter a bit to the north of us that wants to talk about helping us out.  I don't have any details yet, but stay tuned!