Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cats in Trees!

Tekoe Loves Her New Tree and me!
My trip to Pensacola to spend ten days with my friend and her new little kitty was so fun.  I made a new friend in Tekoe.  She is fondly known as "Psycho Kitty" to many who know her, but to me, she is a sweet baby that is just a tad testy and particular! Most likely taken from her mother too soon and undersocialized with humans, Tekoe is a bit strange and hard to figure out.   BUT...she is a wonderful feline and a good friend to my best friend Kathy.  I am so proud of Kathy for taking her in and giving her the home this sweet kitty deserves.    Tekoe lost her owner and was kept in a kennel for several months before finding a good home with Kathy.  She is fearful.  She will give you one good swat it you try too hard to love on her and she will give you two if you persist.  She is very good at hissing and giving you the "horned owl" look that says      " "you better stop or I will rip you to pieces" and you believe it!  But while there, and after deciding to leave her completly alone, she warmed up and began seeking my company on the couch and finally spending each evening on my lap.  I talked to Kathy today and she said Tekoe is curled up sleeping on the couch on the spot I "hung out" on while there.  I am so glad she knew I loved her!
She is one spoiled kitty!  Kathy bought a new kitty tree for her while I was there and it is a great hit.  She spends most of her day "perched" on the top shelf, looking out the window.  This is one fortunate cat to have someone to love her and care for her like my friend does...
These pictures are the first day on the "tree" and her first friendly approach to my knitting spot!  I am so blessed!
A Little Did you Know about Cats....
... Many cats (like Tekoe) were not handled by humans much between the ages of 2 and seven weeks of age.  These kittys may not tolerate handling well and may lash out and bite and become quite upset with human contact.  Unfortunatly there is not a lot that can be done to socialize them.  Try handling  them frequently for short periods of time, being sure to stop before they become agitated.  Let them "be" and realize that they may need to be close, but not touch their human and that must be ok.    Flattening of the ears and twitching of the tail and restlessness are all signs that your kitty wants you to stop whatever you are doing.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T is the key here.  Respect her and she will love you...kitties are very independant animals...They need you but they may not need your touch or cuddle...let that be ok.