Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's In the Bag!

Im getting ready to take a few days off from my blog and go to some warmer weather for a week or so.  

I just wanted to issue a warning.  Please, please be sure to keep all plastic bags (like the ones you get at the grocery store) completely out of reach to your kitties.  I had one laying on the table yesterday as I had just emptied it.  Ricky was rolling around trying to figure out what might have been in it that he could enjoy and ....oops...head got in the handle "loop" and there it stayed!  He couldnt get out.  It occured to me that I often leave those bags laying around, either empy or with something in it that I havent used yet or take care of. Our kitties are just too curious to leave them lay.  What if I hadnt been home?  I have been going thru the house all morning attempting to "kitty-proof" my house.  Being a quilter/sewer I have lots of dangerous items around here, like pins and thread.  Also be sure you keep the items up that you dont want to find "hair-ball" stuff on too.  I know that sounds gross, but about the time you leave that favorite quilt on the floor, that is where they will decide to dispose of the ball. Ask me how I know. Yuk!