Monday, February 2, 2009

Visions of What Could Be!

Lucy and Ricky watch my baby Boo eating his food from the outside dish.  Boo has been sleeping on the front porch and makes daily appearances to eat.  What must be going on in the heads of my kitties? Ricky for sure is wishing he could get out there with Boo.  He has escaped out the front door 3 times in the last few days.  He has cabin fever in a major way.  I put him out on the balcony yesterday for an hour or more and that seemed to help, but he sure wishes he was an outdoor cat.  Maybe they are wondering what it would be like to live outside.  One thing is for sure they would rather have Boo's food.  I feed them all natural, expensive stuff that is good for them, and just like humans, they would rather have the junk food!

A Little Did Ya Know About Cats
According to an analysis by Veterinary Pet Insurance of 450,000 clients, MAX has been the most popular name for cats and dogs over the past five years.  A spokesperson for the company speculated that not only is it an easy name to say, but it cant be confused with ordinary one word commands.  The next four favorites on the list: Chloe, Lucy (yeehaw!) Tigger and Tiger.