Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is over...

and we are beat! Actually this is a picture of my, sister, Lucy, sleeping under the empty Christmas tree. I cant wake her up, even if I chew on her behind! She is such a party animal and a social creature. My mamaKat said she was in the thick of things all day yesterday when 14 humans, including four really short ones that made way too much noise and ran in directions I couldnt keep track of, spent 24 hours in my house! I found places in the basement I didnt know existed, just to hide out and wait for them to leave.

O! My name is Ricky. You've seen pictures of me before here. Im taking over mamaKat's blog. After all, I should know about cats since I am one.

Its a little bit warmer out today, so I got to spend some time on the back porch, which is my "outside". The sun felt good and I noticed that the porch kitty food was gone again. I dont know who is eating it. That drives me crazy, I watch all day out the window and no one comes...

This is a picture of me and my dumb sister, Possum. She wouldnt move out the basket, so I sat on her...told ya she's dumb!

MamaKat is worried about the Take Pity on the Kitty project. She said a lady told her that the county is trapping cats in town and taking them to the "pound". I dont know what the pound is, but she said it with a tone that makes me think it is not a good place. I wonder if it is where I went after someone found me and my sister in a cold metal place that had no food and nothing to drink??? I thought the place they took us was had cages. I didnt like being in a cage, but it was warm and there was food and water and nice place to bury my know... :) It was better than where I came from. They put stinky stuff in my ears, they gave some yukky stuff in my mouth that tasted horrible, but made me feel better and some other "surgical" thing that they said was for my own good, but I cant imagine why they call inflicting major pain in a majorly sensitive area for my own good!. We didnt stay there very long. We went to another warm place that had lots of people coming and going with other animals...dogs, cats, birds even a couple hamsters! We just sat in a cage (still dont like the cage, but we felt safe) until a lady came and took me out...only to put me in another cage...what????" WAIT! You are leaving my sister!!!! NO!!!" She put my in the loud moving thing and I cried...the next thing I knew we were back where my sister was and the lady opened the cage and put my sister in with me. I was so happy! The lady is my mamaKat. I love her. She feeds us and takes care of us. We belong to her family and some people call her a "Cat Lady", so mamaKat really fits her.
I have a step-sister too! Possum. We all get along as well as a brother and two stupid girls can. MamaKat says we have a cushy life in the house, but I would kill to get outside to catch something other than a lasor light! MamaKat's Take Pity on the Kitty project is so she and others can help lonely hungry cats in town. I hope she can find out why they are trapping and taking our town's cats to the pound. If it is to find them a good home, like we got, then good. If not, what will happen to them???

This is a picture of me and Lucy our first day at MamaKat's! Did ya know if you click on the pic you can see me up close???

A Little Did Ya Know About Cats!

Did you know that even if you live in a small space, two cats are often better than one? They keep each other from getting lonely, groom each other and use each other as a soft pillow! Meow!