Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dont Forget to Feed the Feral Kitties!

My Frozen Tundra of a backyard!

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way!
John Mult

Right now the glimpse I am getting into the life of a feral cat is a nightmare. I'm officially really worried about our ferals. I continue to put out dry food and the bowl continues to be empty each morning. But it's so cold!!! Right now the real temp is 4 below and with wind chill I know it is really bad. And water? Well, it freezes before you can walk away from the bowl...

I usually get a money gift from my mom at Christmas. I always go buy something special that I wouldn't otherwise spend money on. A new purse, perfume, this year I was thinking about one of those little steam cleaners for my wood floors...heated water bowls cost around the amount she gives me so I think I will invest in one this year...Merry Christmas Boo!

If you have been feeding any ferals, please don't stop now. This will be when they need it the most. Once they begin to depend on human feeding, they will not be as self sufficient. They will be looking to you for food, don't let them down.

I worry about their warmth too. I know they must have special spots all figured out where they can keep out of the elements, but my mind goes nuts thinking they are shivering somewhere. I found a website that tells an easy and inexpensive way to make little houses for the ferals. You go to restaurants and ask for the Styrofoam boxes that meat and seafood is delivered in, which they just throw away. These can be made into great "huts" that will keep these babies nice and warm. I plan to see if I can find a few tomorrow when I go to the "cities". If you would like to check this method out, see You can get complete directions at that site.

A Little Did Ya Know About Cats...
Speaking of water... Humans generally think of water as a tasteless liquid, but did ya know that scientists have discovered that cats are able to detect different flavors in the water they drink? This may help to explain why some family pets prefer to drink from the faucet! Meow!