Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Stockings were hung....

"What Greater Gift than the love of a Cat?"
Charles Dickens

As you prepare for Santa's arrival tonight, please don't forget to put out extra treats for your feral cats...

Our indoor kitties love toys and getting into things. Here Ricky wormed his way into a box I was going to use for gift-giving. He is such a squirt and into everything. I have to be very careful about what I leave laying around. He will manage to get in it, on it or eat it!

I found a great website from the Humane Society of the United States. So much information to share from there. This, being Christmas eve, I will share a piece of the article and the site so you can go get more if you want.

For now, from my house to yours, from my kitties to all your kitties...Merry Christmas!

"Cat Toys...You need them!"

Although cats generally have different play styles than their canine counterparts, toys are as much a necessity for cats as they are for dogs. Toys help fight boredom and give cats an outlet for their instinctive prey-chasing behaviors. And when you are the one moving the toy around while your cat fishes for it, chases after it, or jumps in pursuit of it, playtime becomes a bonding experience for you and your cat.

"Safe" Toys

Our mothers always told us "no playing ball in the house," but cats can usually participate in that forbidden exercise without knocking down a vase or a lamp (and being grounded for two weeks). Still, there are plenty of factors that may contribute to the safety of the toy they're batting around...

For the rest of the article...go to www.

**Wont you share with me your kitty's favorite toy??? Lucy's is a small laser light I purchased at the pet shop.. It drives her crazy! I will attempt to get a video of her chasing it and will post it for you. She now realizes that the little red "bug" is coming from the yellow flashlight I am holding in my hand. She knows where I keep it and if I move toward that direction, she gets excited and starts looking all over the floor to see where the bug is! If I turn off the light while playing, she will come over and bat at my hand to get me to turn it on.

A Little Did Ya Know About Cats...

Did you know that it wasn't until after WW2 that cats became popular house pets? Before than, they lived mostly outdoors. One reason for their change of residence has been attributed to Edward Lowe of Cassopolis, MI, who introduced the convenient pellets known as kitty litter in 1947. Ricky says, Thank you very much Mr. Lowe! Meow!