Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little catnip mouse is finished!

Wow..I made two posts in a day!  Of course I have no idea if anyone in this vast world really reads anything I write (please comment if you do!).  So I may well be talking to myself...but here is my little catnip mouse, all done and waiting for a home.  Donate a minimum of $10 to Take Pitty on the Kitties...and this little guy can belong to your favorite kitty.  Right now this little toy is living in the freezer.  The aroma of catnip and the allure of the red wool was just too much for Ricky.  He went berserk!  So I have to make him his own toy today!  Each little mouse will be different, and I will also be making other shapes; hearts, stars, heads and even a little "person".    These are perfect for your pet and purrfectly cute!