Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Cold is Killing me!

This picture is from tonight, when the temperature is 21 with a wind chill of 13.   I put a little box in the corner of the front porch. This is the area that is the most protected from wind and weather. I lined it with a fleece baby blanket and extra quilt batting and hoped that "someone" would find a warm bed there...Well here he is.  I've noticed that the blankets are flat and slept on, but hadnt seen who it was until just a few days ago.  Now it seems most nights he is there.  I think its Boo but Im not sure.  I put food out every night and its gone in the morning.  Its just too cold to mess with the trap, so Im just glad he is warm and fed.  This pic was taken in total darkness, with my flash.  He tries to stay very still so I dont notice him.  I was surprised the flash didnt scare him out of the box, but it didnt.  Maybe he is starting to trust me alittle.  I have to tell you, its hard to be inside in the warm house, knowing that just outside the wall is a cold kitty.  eeeekkk!

A Little Did Ya Know About Cats
Did you know that mixed-breed cats who need adoption offer many advantages as pets.  Because they come from a larger gene pool than the purebreds, they're generally less prone to abnormalities and are apt to have stronger immune systems.  They're also every bit as intelligent and full of fun.  So come to Walnut and take your pick! MOEW!