Friday, January 23, 2009

This is Pathetic, not Pitifull!

I wonder if Ricky and Lucy and Possum know exactly how fortunate they are to have found my house!  Not only are they warm and fed, but I make them their own quilts and toys!  Oh brother.  This little creation, I'm calling a Kitty Play actually a small quilt with attached ribbons so that you can tie on toys or just leave free to dangle...My kitties love it!  Especially when I filled the little "pillow" with fabric scraps and catnip....I have a video on my personal blog if you are  Check it out if you are bored.  These play pads will soon be available for sale at my Etsy shop at  Oh! And when you aren't using it on the floor with toys and catnip, put it on the chair or sofa back a cozy place for your kitty to rest and protect your furniture.

A Little Did ya Know About Cats!
You don't have to look very far to find some simple items that make fascinating toys for Kitty.  Save the tubes from inside paper products and let her roll them around to her hearts content.  Or string plastic shower curtain rings together and let them hang down within Kitty's reach!  Meow!