Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

"Boo" Lives in the SASPA Courtyard

Fanny, Freddy and Charcoal live there too!

Possum, Ricky and Lucy enjoy the chaise lounge!

A drastic difference between the sets of kitties above. Boo, Fanny, Freddy and Charcoal are huddled against the cold. We do the best we can to provide a warm place and food in their bowls, but the winter is going to be rough. I wish I could take them all in, but 3 is my limit and Im sticking to it! When you see sweet little kitties (and they all are) its really hard to not want to go over the limit. Possum, Ricky and Lucy are enjoying the comfort of the house and the furnature! I wonder if they know how lucky they are? Possum, found under my cousins porch inside a concrete block, and Ricky and Lucy abandoned in an old trailor

We have our first scheduled TNR date. We will try to take 3 in for their spay/neuter on December 1st. Old Toby will be lured into the live trap. Im putting his food dishes close to the trap so he wont be scared of it...also giving him warm milk again every morning. He so loves it and I imagine that the warmth spreads thru his body and provides a comfy feeling against the coldness of the outdoors. I even warm a little fleece baby blanket for him to stand on while he eats. He looks at me like Im crazy, but it makes me feel better, if nothing else.