Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Miss Tekoe!

My Visit to Florida was so much fun.  I sent my buddy Tekoe a catnip mouse and by the looks of these pics, she loved it!
A Little Did you know about Cats"
If Cats had their own way, they would eat small portions of food throughout the day, just as their ancestors did, but most will settle for two good meals a day with dry food set out for "grazing".  If your cat eats mostly canned food, it is advisable to to add a dry, crunch food to his diet for chewing excercise and teeth-cleaning benefits.  I feed my kitties "wet" food in the morning and again in late afternoon.  I also keep a dish of high quality dry cat food available during the day.  This way, if I leave for a day or so, they just eat the dry and I dont need to worry about them.  MEOW!