Sunday, September 27, 2015

Snow Birds!

Did you say BIRDS????

Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Gray
September is almost gone.  As most of you know, I am a 65 year old retired lady.  I smile as I say the word "retired" because I work harder now than I ever have when I got paid to do a job.   Loving the work you do makes it easy.  So easy, in fact, that you end up working way harder than you probably should.

It's been four years since the start of WIFCaP and I cannot say I am burned out.  BUT I am tired and ready for the change that is about to come for the winter.

My husband will join me in the retired status as of the end of the year.  It is only fitting that we try to spend some of our golden time together and free from commitment, which is what retirement is supposed to mean.

We have purchased a winter home in South Texas and on October 30th we will "head south".   That time is quickly approaching and I'm feeling a little like panicking!    How can I leave what I love to do?  How can I leave the porch kitties?

In my head, it is all worked out.

  • I have purchased a Kitty Tube with heater for each of the 3 porch kitties.  They will be warm and dry.
  • I have 3 of our board members that will come to be sure they have food and water daily. They will be fed.
  • Same 3 and anyone driving by is welcome to come on the porch and give them some love. They will get more comfortable with other people.
  • We have a caretaker across the street watching our house (along with everyone else in town..LOL...Small towns are great!)
  • We have surveillance cameras and security system to protect them and our house.  I can even watch from my smart phone!
Picture of the new homes purchased for the porch kitties

In my head, I know they will be taken care of and fine, but in my heart, I will miss seeing them every morning for a few months.  I know the time will speed by and before I know it, the spring will be here and I will be back, along with a long list of TNR's to do.  Another busy season will erupt.

So what will I be doing in South Texas?  Number one thing is NOT to over commit.   I tend to jump in with both feet and forge ahead full steam.   My plan is to rest.  I want to be available to participate in the many opportunities to make new friends and do some new things, while also being free to take off on a day trip to the beach or local parks etc.  I am also hoping to begin writing Children's Books about Mrs. Gray, Zeva and Mr. Nelson.  Children's books that adults will like too! 

I am not abandoning WIFCaP by any means.  I will continue fundraising during the winter.  I will continue talking to people about their cat issues and educating about Spay/Neuter and TNR when I can.   I will be keeping the Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts active as I count on our caretakers to take pictures of the porch kitties etc to post.    ALSO, Lois and Lori and even Laura from the clinic will be doing some minor trapping jobs and will be available for emergency issues while I'm gone. 

I'm pretty sure I will be connecting with a rescue or low cost spay and neuter when I am down south...I have one picked out and will visit when I get there.  More on that later, but pray I don't over commit.

Mr. Nelson

Thank you all for sticking with us on Facebook.  My fear is now that Mr. Nelson is "tame" and the challenge of taming him is over, you may become bored with us.  We NEED you....I need you to be part of WIFCaP on Facebook and beyond.  Your support has kept me going for these past 4 years.  We have done amazing things in Western Iowa and I have YOU ALL to thank for it.  

I invite you to stick with us through this first winter's journey south.  There may be some new things,  the continuation of our same things and things we cant even dream of....