Sunday, September 18, 2016

Seasons, Stages and Changes....

I've been trying to decide how to make this announcement for weeks, but the time is here here it is.

Hubby and I have decided to put our house in Walnut on the market and seek to move to Omaha. SHOCK!!!

I made the announcement to our board of directors at our last meeting earlier this month, but we've kept it under wraps until we had an appointment for the "FOR SALE" sign to go in the yard.  This is scheduled for this Tuesday.  I've been busy and overwhelmed with trying to get the house ready and uncluttered for a photo shoot etc and trying to maintain my cool and do all my WIFCaP work too.  I'm not so sure I've done a very good job of either one.

There are many reasons for our decision and mostly it's about age...we need to be closer to the city where the majority of our kids are (3 out of 4), where the majority of our grandchildren are (5 out of 8) and where 100%  of our medical resources are. With the accident that Larry had back in June and the activities of family and church, our trips back and forth to Omaha have quadrupled and we don't see it getting any better in the future.

I'm tired of the huge house.   It is a wonderful home and we have made SO many enhancements on it. Walnut is a great little town and its getting better with some restoration going on and revitalization happening.   It's difficult to leave it, but at the same time, there is about 4 times more room than we need and managing it all now is becoming  harder and harder. We are hoping for a smaller home, easier to manage, easier to get to Dr. appointments and easier to see the kids and grandkids.

All this being said, I know you are wondering about WIFCaP.   NOTHING will change other than I will not be able to do the physical trapping in my area any more.  I have been praying that others will come forward to help and that is happening.   I am gaining pockets of helpers in different areas and I know in my heart WIFCaP will not really skip a beat.  I want to keep doing the admin work, fundraising, accounting, teaching, marketing....and I can do that in Omaha.   With as much driving as I do now back and forth, I can still make trips back to Walnut/Harlan etc when I'm needed.

I know the biggest question on your mind.  It's the same one my 9 year old granddaughter asked when we told her.  "What about Mrs. Gray and Zeva??".  Trust me, they will be taken care of.  I am hoping someone will come forward to give them inside homes like Mr. Nelson.   If that doesn't happen, I have several other options I'm looking into.. What I do know is  I cannot take them with me.  Since we will be traveling 5 months out of the year, I  can't get them adjusted to a new place and then leave them or try to put them in carriers and expect two feral cats to travel 1800 miles twice a year.  That wouldn't be fair to them.   Who knows, maybe someone will buy the house and let them stay???  Be assured, they are my top priority if the house sells.

Life is about seasons, stages and changes...some easy, some difficult....some fun, some miserable....some elective and some necessary...

This season of my life,  this stage of the game, these upcoming changes are a little of all those things.  I am emotional about it and hope you will all understand that a LOT has gone into this decision.  We take it very seriously.  We want the best for us, for our family, for my porch kitties and of course for WIFCaP.

Please email me privately if you have comments.  You are all like family to me and your support will mean the world.