Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Fundraiser Origami OWL!!!

Example of a fun locket!
This year, we are trying to focus on a fundraising event each month.   In January, we held an online Pampered Chef Party and were able to raise $75 from that.   Thats a spa treatment people!

This month we are doing another online "party". This time it is with Origami Owl.   Beautiful lockets that can be worn on bracelets or neck chains.   Personalize with your own charms that express your personality and interests!

Simply CLICK HERE to go get to our own fundraising page!

These events are very important to WIFCaP!   We hope that you will not only participate yourself, but that you will share this event with others as well.   Our budget for "spa treatments" will be close to $20,000 this year.  Without these fundraisers and your donations, we could not continue to help the feral and homeless kitties in Western Iowa!  Thank you!

Emily Shinn is our rep so if you have any questions you can email her here!  emily@huskers.unl.edu 

Have fun, enjoy your new piece of jewelry!

Wifcap will realize 90% of the profits!!