Barn Cats

So you live on an acreage or a farm and you would like to add some barn cats to your outdoor residence.

WIFCaP's main mission is to trap-neuter-accinate and RETURN the cats we trap to their original location and into a managed colony. However, there are occasions where returning them is unsafe or impossible.  It's those times that we like to look to our farm/acreage dwellers for help in relocating them.

Please contact us if you are ever in need of a few extra felines on your property! 


Please note!

Just as we attempt to return our fixed and vaccinated kitties to a safe place, we also want to be sure your outdoor situation is ideal for them as well.

We have a few requirements before we would consider your property for relocation.

1. Cats MUST receive daily fresh water and food !  A healthy cat is a better "mouser"!  They will do their "job" well if they are fed and have access to fresh water.

2. Cats MUST have a place of shelter.  This might be a barn, shed, garage or out building, but they need to be able to get in out of the weather and into a dry place.   They are very good at finding their favorite spot, but there must be options!

3. There is a period of adjustment for the cats so that they know they are "home".  You must be able to assure that they can be held in a place of confinement (closed shed, barn, garage or outbuilding) for a period of ten days to two weeks before allowing to run free.   This allows the cats to realize this is their new home, place of shelter and food.  If allowed to run free at the onset of the relocation, the cats will run, most likely never to be seen again.

4.  All cats placed will be fixed and up to date on vaccinations.  We do not place unaltered cats.  We would ask that as your population gradually decreases, you contact us, as we have an unending supply of cats that need homes.

WIFCaP would be happy to add you to our "bank" of BARN CAT members and would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.  Please email your name, address, telephone number and number of cats you might like to see placed with you!