Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Newest Chapter in Mr. Nelson's Life

Mr. Nelson Lounging in His New Home...inside!
Over four years ago, I began seeing him in the shadows, under a bush, sometimes scooting out of the under the house residence of Mrs. Gray and her family.   So quiet and so afraid.  For 3+ years I watched him roam the streets of Walnut.  Myself and others in town saw his need. He looked beat and battered, worn and torn and we couldn't catch him.  We put food and water out for him and tried over and over and over to trap him, so he could be fixed and vaccinated.   We named him Elusive, for good reason.  Finally in Nov of 2014 I was able to get him in.   At that time, he seemed healthy enough, other than fleas and mites and some battle scars. He was renamed E. Conrad Nelson in honor of the friend that sponsored his medical treatment, he remained elusive for months and then he appeared on "the porch" with Mrs. Gray and Zeva.  Months passed and he became tamer and finally one day just a few months ago, Mr. Nelson decided he could trust Kathy and they began a beautiful relationship.   Taking it slow and easy was the name of the game.  Mr. Nelson would wind between Kathy's legs and allow her to scratch his head and stroke his body, but please don't pick up!  In Kathy's world of porch kitties, having him tame enough to get in for medical treatment if necessary, providing food, water and shelter on the porch and daily visits was a way better life than the one he had previously.  A life that consisted of hiding in the daytime, roaming at night and wondering where the next meal would come from.

Then the facebook message came.  Someone Kathy didn't know, but is a friend and fan of the FB page wanted to know if we might consider him to be adopted.  Honestly, Kathy thought as soon as she discussed the situation with her, we would find it probably not what she was looking for and Mr. Nelson would remain a porch kitty in Walnut.

Not to be.  Rebekah is very experienced with working with animals with special needs and she had fallen in love with Mr. Nelson. References were stellar..not one good reason to say no...

Letting him go was so hard.  But look at him now.   It's been only 11 days since they came to pick him up and he has made huge strides in becoming an indoor cat.

The following is word for word the update I received just a day or so ago...

"Happy Monday!  Mr. Nelson's first week was full of progress and crossing boundaries.He loves talking, in fact he talks all the time.  It's hard to get on video because he mostly talks when Im not giving him attention.  He plays rough and gets spooked very easy, but also is quick to forget, as long as we give him ear rubs.  He is very loving.  The biggest achievement thus far is he is finally using the litter box and no accidents now!!!!  What a success.  Simply by bringing the downstairs litter upstairs with urine in it already.  He is a smart boy.  We are letting him decide when he wants to come explore.  Last night was the first time he walked down the stairs and into the living room.  He only hung out 10 min and as soon as I brought him back to his room, he was relieved and happy.  He feels safe there.  Today when I went to check on him, I was greeted by his sweet face looking out the window from his tower. (he loves that thing!).  He has some pretty bad battle scars: missing a lot of his teeth and a few of his claws. He is full of scabs and even ear damage.  I think he is deaf - either partial or total - Possibly even blind. Which explains a lot.  He clings to me so much when I come to his room.  But he doesnt hear me open the door even greet him.  Most of the time I have to get right up to him before he gets startled and realizes it's me.  It breaks my heart to wonder how long he would have had left outside before he would have been attacked. And having to stand guard his whole existence, deaf or blind is just heartbreaking."

  Im sharing with you all because you were all such a big part of his life.  I shared him with you all because I love him so much and could see what a great cat he he has the chance to be safe and warm and healthy and loved.   Without you all urging me to post his pictures and his condition and all the details of his sweet life, Rebekah would never have fallen for this big sweet guy!   When I think of what he has come from and what he must have had to endure, it breaks my heart too.  I know there are so many more like him and to get to witness the transformation is a blessing and an honor.  He had found some protection and safe harbor on the porch, but this is way beyond what I could have ever provided for him.     You all were part of it! and I thank you.

And to are his angel and we thank you from the bottom of our kitty loving hearts!