Saturday, January 31, 2015

First Auction of 2015 is Underway!

Romeo and Juliet - Just in time for Valentine's Day!
Sunday February 1st at 9pm CST, our first auction will begin.   I have approx 60 items listed for bidding and hope that many will join the fun of a lighthearted auction!

Super Bowl Sunday has nothing on us!   We are looking for the best auction total ever, to start our spring TNR off on the right foot.

Our actions are found on Ebay.    It's easy to register as an ebay buyer and if you dont want to pay online, let me know and you can send a check or drop off your payment!    Once the auction is live, all you have to do is type WIFCaP in ebay's search box and all our items will list for you!

We offer all kinds of items...mostly I try to use things that are easy to ship and protect from breakage...

There are cat themed items and not...

We hope everyone will find something they like enough to make a generous bid.

Remember, this is not a bargain basement or a thrift shop.  We are trying to offer quality items with lots of appeal so that the bids will go high and the funds will mount up.

All of our items are donated.  Some are used, some new, some are hand made.

Our auction will run for 7 days, so you have lots of time to bid away!!!  Ends February 7th at 9pm CST.

Have fun.  Remember every $40 gets a full spa treatment for one kitty!