Sunday, May 28, 2017

Annual Garage Sale - June 3, 2017

June 3rd
710 Antique City Drive
Walnut, Ia  51577
8am -4pm
Cupcake sale! ( get them while they last!)

No items priced!  You pay what you feel the items are worth and what you want to donate to help more kitties in Western Iowa!

I know it seems like we go from one fundraiser to the next.  That is because we do!   Our monthly vet bill runs an average of $2-3,000.    While we seem to be able to get the cats trapped and transported and in for their "spa treatment", we don't have the staff to try to work on grants.  Have you ever tried writing a grant?  I have, and it's not fun.   What I've learned about most grant writing is that it is meticulous and detailed and once it's written and submitted, you are not guaranteed to receive any funds.  And if you are granted the funds, your work isn't done.  You must then substantiate every penny you've received. The other thing I've learned is that most grants want you to project a future project and write it for that.   We are in a very unpredictable business.  We must act immediately when we hear of a cat issue.  To wait is not an option, or we worsen the problem.  We must stay focused on our mission of TNR.   Honestly, the vast majority of the daily work we do is done by Lois and myself.  We are kept very busy with phone calls, emails, face book, trapping, transporting etc.  The accounting etc has fallen on Lois too, and Kathy does the face book and fundraising.  Both of us trap, but mostly Lois (stinks getting older) .  We are still small, very small.   

All this being said, we are so grateful to our other volunteers that step up for events like this Garage Sale!   We will be having a cupcake sale that is going to be totally funded and run by two of our wonderful volunteers, Judy and Susan.   Last year the cupcakes were so beautiful and yummy!    Becky and Molly should be on board to help during the sale too.    

We look to our supporters to keep us going and for almost six years now, you have not let us down.   We love you all !  

Please come out on June 3rd to help us stash away another couple weeks of funds for the kitties!  We would love to see you and give you personal headbutts and whisker kisses!

Our goal is $500!