Monday, May 21, 2012

F-O-C-U-S Can you spell it?

 Word travels fast in Western Iowa.

 Pretty much as we had anticipated, we are now getting calls from concerned people looking for rescue, for which we are not equipped or licensed. We've had litters of kittens dropped off at AVC that were way too young to be adopted and so needed foster care and even feedings from a bottle. We've been able to handle this only because AVC has the room ,the vets are willing and they will take them in.  They are limited, however.  This has been a particularly hard thing for AVCheryl and myself.  In a perfect world ,where money, space and time would be no issue, we would take any needy cat from any county or state.

  This month has been a wake-up call for us.  We had to wake up to the fact that our mission is for feral and free roaming cats and if we don't stick to that mission statement, we will flail and loose ground instead of gaining the successes that we truly desire.  I, Kathy, have Sheila at Shadow Cats Rescue in Round Rock, TX  and my very grounded sister, Kris to thank for this revelation.  

 But, this week I had the opportunity to work with a nice lady in Earling, IA and I feel my focus coming back to TNR.   Today I met Diane.  A jovial and fun lady in Earling, who finds much satisfaction and fulfillment in feeding and caring for free roaming cats.  She has a brood of about 15-20 she said. However, I only saw ten while I was there.  She also is limited, financially.    She initially feared that I was coming to take her cats away or hound her for money of which she has none.   After assuring her that I did NOT want to take her kitties and that if money was an issue, we had people all over the country to help, she was glowing.   Her kitties look quite healthy and she wants them all back.  She has been able to feed them, but hasn't got the funds to vet them properly.  
We can help!

 So now we are faced with the project of trapping, neutering and returning over 15 cats that need their "spa treatment". Thanks to our current auction, we should have the funds to cover this project.

Thank you to everyone out there that is reading this blog.  Maybe you have donated, maybe you have prayed or maybe you just think good thoughts about us.  We appreciate you being here for us in any way you can.

Its pretty much just me, Kathy out here with boots on the ground doing the physical TNR, but I could not do it without all of you and my crew along side of me!  Donate if you can, and if you live in the Walnut area and have a passion for cats and the time to help me, call....we need you!  Thanks!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Different Side of Mother's Day

I was so pleased that our little newspaper allowed me to write an article about our sweet little Mokey!  I have copied the text below, so you can all enjoy it too.  

A Different Side of Mother’s Day

On one Sunday a year, all of us Mother’s are treated to a special day.  One where we might receive a yummy hand prepared breakfast of eggs, juice, toast and maybe a red rose in a bud vase, all served in the comfort of our beds.   It is a day of flowers, cards and dinners out.  For some of us, it’s a day of remembering the hand prepared breakfasts and the scribbled notes that said “ I love you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!”  

This year I am reminded of a different kind of mother. Different from we “perfect” human ones.  I know a story about a special mom who cares nothing about cards, or flowers or eating out.  She asks no one for help in what she knows she has to do.  She does her job and does it well.  Not only does she do her job, but she is doing the job of another, who cannot.

Meet Mokey.  Mokey is a cat.  She was found stray in Walnut.  Western Iowa Feral and Homeless Cat Program promptly took her in for her “spa treatment” which meant she would be spayed and vaccinated.  Mokey had a scar on her abdomen, so it was determined that she most likely had already been fixed, so the surgery wasn’t necessary.   Because she is a friendly and sweet cat, Mokey found a home with Heather Gettler and her family.  This spring, however, Mokey got “fat”.  Oops, turns out she wasn’t spayed after all.  On april 10, 2012, the kitty gave birth to four beautiful babies.

Taking care of four children is a job in itself, but Mokey has gone way beyond just caring for her own babies.  Another mama kitty in Harlan  who had just given birth to four babies, met with a horrible accidental death.  On a hunch and with no other options, it was decided to see if Mokey would accept them as her own.  Heather introduced the kittens into Mokey’s litter, one at a time,  and one at a time, Mokey began grooming them and allowing them to nurse.  It was only minutes and the two groups of babies meshed and one happy family was born.

Isn’t this just like a mom?   Doing what needs to be done and doing it with love.  Mokey is the purrfect example of what it means to  be selfless and to put her family ahead of everything else.  And when you think you don’t have room in your heart for more , that heart makes room, one by one and in only minutes there is enough love and more to go around.

Happy Mother’s day to all moms, human and animal!  May this be a special day as your little ones surround you and lavish you with all the love you deserve.  Believe me, Mokey knows what it feels like to be surrounded with love!  My hope for Mokey on Sunday is that she might get 5 minutes to herself and a special can of tuna!

Kathy Humann
Western Iowa Feral and Homeless Cat Program
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Monday, May 14, 2012

We Did It!

After being gone for the week it was so fun to come home and find our 501c3 determination letter in the mail!  As of 2/6/12, we are a non-profit!  This determination gives so much credibility to what we are doing and tells the world that we are serious about our program!  I'm so happy and relieved.

I want to say a big thank you to the Ralph and Virginia Mullin Foundation who generously provided the funding for this.  We could not have acquired this without their assistance.

Now not only will we be able to continue to take care of our WI kitties, we will be able to do even more!  We are looking forward to what happens next!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us and giving before the tax deductible status was in effect!  We are here because YOU ARE!!