Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Always nice to have a Friend with the same Passion!

Yep! One must not go it alone when endeavoring to swim into the unknown and take on challenges of astronomical proportions...its impossible to get anything accomplished and its no fun either! Thanks to Pam, I have a partner in crime and someone who can spur me on, encourage me and make my inadequacies feel a little less inadequate! Together, we can conquer the Walnut World of Feral and Stray Cats...or have a blast trying!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Informational Meeting Coming Soon!

It's time to jump in with both feet and either @$#$ or get off the pot! I'm gathering information, creating flyers and writing newspaper articles so that our Walnut Feral Cat Program can actually get off the ground. I'm ready, so here we go!

Walnut's City Council gave me the go ahead to put jars or cans for donations in approving merchants shops in town. We really need a couple traps to even begin. A few volunteers would be nice too. We will see. I cannot do this alone, so if you think of me, please pray for help!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now There Are TWO more!

This is Be-Bop! I think anyway....I believe this kitty belonged to a family in Walnut, who decided to move and leave their cat to fend for himself. He is a nice kitty. A bit shy right now, but he needs a home. He also needs to be altered. :(

This is the kitty that rode 60 miles on the undercarriage of a pick up truck. From Corning all the way to Walnut! She has found a new home in Omaha with my nephew and her name...PIXIE!

This is Boo. He has hung around my house since he was a kitten. He is feral and Im worried that he might be sick. He is very thin. Eating and sleeping. Coat doesnt look real good. I heard him coughing this morning. I hope it was a hairball but...I think I need to trap him and take him in. Breaks my heart, he's been around nearly two years.

This is the sweet little black cat that strayed up to my porch. One of the feral gene pool, but very friendly! Took him in for altering and happily found a home for him. His name EDWYN!
There is a little gray stray hanging out at Kelly Reed's shop. They asked if I knew of a home for her. I dont. :( She needs fixing.
Cheryl's stray Tara has brought her two little babies to the feeding spot in the courtyard. We've lovingly named them Rhett and Scarlett.
I going to the City Council Meeting tonight to ask permission to put money cans in the downtown businesses for donations to get these babies all fixed and maybe find homes for them.
Take Pity on the Kitties is on a roll!