Monday, September 26, 2011

The Walnut Bureau September 22, 2011

Walnut Iowa’s Feral Cat News

Did you know that October is National Feral Cat Month and October 16th is officially National Feral Cat Day??? To commemorate this date, Walnut Iowa’s Feral Cat Program will be host to a huge Garage Sale event. The sale will take place SATURDAY October 15th 8am-5pm at 400 Antique City Drive in Walnut. ALL PROCEEDS will go to continue the work of the group to spay/neuter, vaccinate and return the feral cats in our community and to find new homes for friendly strays.

“We are finding that there are more friendly strays than we first anticipated” says Kathy Humann. “ We treat these just as we would the feral cats. They all get their surgery for sterilization, vaccinations and a clean bill of health. So far we have had great success in re-homing the friendly ones.”

The Avoca Veterinary Clinic in Avoca has been a God-send for the group. “If it weren’t for Doc Hoffmann and Dr. Schultz we couldn’t do what we are doing. They are able to give us the flexibility we need and we’re confident that the kitties are well cared for.” Kathy adds.

The sale will include vintage glassware, Christmas items, TVs, and tons of other items. There will also be a CAT FOOD DRIVE. Bring a can or bag of cat food or a $2.00 donation for a chance to win a litter box full of kitty treasures!!!

An information table will also be set up with information you might find interesting about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets and your community cats.

For information, questions or to get involved, call Kathy Humann 712-784-2660 and follow them on face book at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheryl and Tom True - Our True Inspiration!

BONNIE... Sneutered by WIFCaP August 2011
Dont you love her ear tip?  I call it her ruffle!

On our facebook page and in most of my writings, you dont hear much about Cheryl and Tom. They are both busy working people but they have a huge place in their hearts for cats!   They are both Crazy Cat People and have been helping the strays and ferals of our town for years.  In the past 22 years they have sneutered 66 kitties!  It's truely amazing how their love of these little animals has helped so many kitties live long and happy lives. 

This is Butterscotch, lovingly known as Mrs. B.  This is only one of the fun feeding stations that Tom has constructed.  Dont you love the welcome mat???

Little Max was found wondering the streets of Walnut about a year ago.  Just a kitten at the time, Tom took one look and fell in love.  He took him home to their "haven"  and little Max fit right in!

 I remember the day Cheryl found Toby.  He was about as big as my hand and was squealing while trying to climb the lattice work in the courtyard of Cheryl's shop downtown.  We tried to find a mama with no success, so Cheryl became that mama/ He has grown into a most beautiful boy.  Click for a closeup of his eyes...they are not quite blue and not aquamarine!

Last, but certainly not least are Scooter and Tara.  Tara is Scooter's mother.  Tara appeared in Cheryl's courtyard with 2 kittens.  They lived there happily for months.  One of the babies dissappeared and Cheryl brought them into the shop.  Nice to have shop kitties, but not so nice that they were destroying merchandise at night when no one was there!  Would have loved to have hidden video to watch that party!   They now live at "True Haven" and even have their own enclosed kitty kondo...

There are others that hang around True Haven and we will focus on some more of them in the future.  One thing is for sure, lost kitties seem to find their way there.  Its no wonder, Cheryl and Tom's love for cats is on the radar!

WIFCaP is happy to have Cheryl and Tom as part of our group.  They dont have time to post on facebook, write blogs or help with other things.  What they do in the background at their "haven" is way more than most us do all together.  We are happy to begin giving them some relief in cat food bills and vetting. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Awesome Art by AA

Today I'm featuring one of our very good friends and supporters, Autumn Armstrong.  Ive know Autumn for a couple years now.  She is a friend of my daughters, a cat lover and a great artist.  She paints kitty-atures...  Autumn will take a picture or pictures of your cats and create a fun and winsome painting for you!

Autumn tries to capture your kitty's personality and she does a  great job of it!

Autumn has been cartooning and painting for years, but has recently combined the two.  By the request of many friends, she started creating her Kitty-atures and has started her business as Art by AA!

You can follow her on facebook @ Art by AA

I almost forgot to mention that Autumn and her family adopted one of Walnut's friendly strays a year or so back!  Edwyn had strayed into my yard, and Autumn took him in!
By the way, be on the lookout for our new logo, which will be created by Autumn!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walnut Iowa's Feral Cat Program News

Walnut Iowa’s Feral Cat Program Update:

August was the first official month of Trap Neuter and Return of feral cats in Walnut. We’ve had much success. We were able to trap, neuter, vaccinate and return 5 feral cas; trap, neuter vaccinate and re-home two strays, and vaccinate and find a home for one kitten.

Einstein was the kitten found in town by Hannah Johnk. We found her a foster home and put her up for adoption at the Avoca Veterinary Clinic in Avoca. Doc Hoffman and Doc Schultz, along with Donna have been fantastic in helping us with our program. Einstein ultimately went home with her foster mom, my comrade in feral cat tending, Amber Heiny.

Einstein is doing well. It is a huge responsibility to own a cat. One must see that they are vaccinated and spayed or neutered to keep from continuing the overpopulation and risks that come with free roaming cats. Amber has taken on that responsibility by being sure that Einstein has her vaccinations and when the time is right, to have her spayed.

WIFCaP wants to urge all cat owners to be responsible as well. Please see that your pet is spayed/neutered and that they have the necessary vaccinations. It is irresponsible humans that have caused the feral cat problems and now the only way to prevent its increase is to properly vet our animals. If you would like information regarding what you can do to help, please see our website at or our face book page at You may also contact Kathy Humann at 712-784-2660.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Spider Mansion!

This is the 2nd feeding station that we set up in Walnut.  It's an old abandoned house that we've seen cats living in.  Its a mess...all windows are broken, its totally falling apart.  We first dubbed the structure "The Mansion", but having walked thru it, we have decided "The Spider Manson" is a way better fit!

These pics of the windows and the inside of the porch, show the destruction.  I've seen cats fly down into the hole to hide when we come in.

There is feces and other litter everywhere.  Including evidence of drug usage.  This place is being used not only by cats, but by people too.

Anyone know what this is???

I must admit I felt a little like CSI when "touring" this place.  I didnt have a flashlight, but I wish I'd had a gun....just in case!
It is on the city council agenda for next month to be abated for abandoned and nuisance property. 
In the meantime, we will continue to feed the kitties here.  This coming up week, I will start to trap here and see what we find.  I dont know if there are 2 or 12! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

August 2011 In Review

During the last week of July 2011, Kathy and Pam finally put boots on the ground and decided to launch Walnut Iowa's Feral Cat Program.  From the first "go live" weekend, we have been in a whirlwind of feral and homeless cat business!  Our team is unbelievable!  All the way from Las Vegas Nevada, Kathy's sister Kris is a huge help with administration and social networking support.  Pam, in Omaha is a source of physical help when possible and encouragement and financial support as well.  Amber and Cheryl and Linda are always standing at the ready to help where ever needed.

 As for me, Kathy, I'm sort of the runner.  I have the privilege to be ringside for all the activity and I'm loving it.  We are counting Gibbs as our first "sneuter".  He has become a beloved member of my family, along with my other 3 rescued kitties.  After vowing I would never have more than 3, Gibbs taught me never to say never.
We've been busy! From caring for and finding foster and fur-ever homes for town strays and abandoned  or lost kitties, to

trapping and taking care of feral cats and kittens.... to setting up and maintaining  feeding stations and

collecting the funds to do so!

In August of 2011, we were able to spay/neuter, vaccinate eight cats, and feed and care for many more through our stations.  We are happy with that total for our first month. 

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with helping us get our wings.  We have experienced such generosity and we are humbled by the signs of compassion for these furry little friends.  Donations of food, traps, and finances have been overwhelming. 

September will be even better! Stay tuned!!