Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Western IA Feral Cat Program Going Strong !

Sharing our most recent Newspaper Article.  We thank The Walnut Bureau for allowing us to submit photos and occasional articles!

Western Iowa’s Feral Cat Program had a successful first five months.  Kathy Humann, who has volunteered her time to help feral and free roaming cats in and around Walnut has set up 8 active feeding stations where the animals receive food and water on a daily basis.  Donations have come in from local supporters as well as from face book contacts nationwide.  WIFCaP is currently working with the Mullin Foundation to receive their official tax status as a tax deductible 501c3.

But does Trap Neuter and Return work?  While its still too early to know for sure what  impact the program will have in Walnut, Kathy has gotten positive comments from  some of the residents close to the feeding stations. Some have thought the cats were gone, but because of the food they are receiving and the veterinary services they have gotten, the cats are no longer fighting and creating nuisances.

In five short months WIFCaP has vaccinated 24 cats, spayed 7 females and neutered 15 males!    The females could easily have had two litters next summer.  If each of the 7 spayed cats were to have a conservative litter of 2 surviving kittens in each litter,, our feral cat numbers could have easily risen by 84! WIFCAP has also been able to find homes for 7 stray cats.

Kathy is looking to build a volunteer base for fund raising efforts and for foster care of the occasional lost cat/kitten.  If you would like to help, please call her at 712-784-2660.  You can also follow the WIFCaP activity on face book at www.facebook.com/wifcap2

Sunday, January 1, 2012

As Our Year Comes to a Close and a New One Begins!

The final 2011 edition of The Walnut Bureau came out last week!  On the front page, 2011 in Review included our very own Amber and Einstein!!!  

 Also chosen as a top story, was the creation of Western Iowa Feral Cat Program!

Here's a bit of a close-up of what the Bureau had to say about our program.

"Feral Cat Program Started"
Western Iowa Feral Cat Program was started in Walnut this year to provide a humane way of reducing the homeless cat population.  Best of all, it's all done with contributions.  The program receives no funding from the city, state or federal government."

  I'm so happy they included us as one of the highlights of the year.  Love how they emphasized that no funding comes from the city, state or federal government.  Like that's something to be proud of.  

This week I will be working on a year end review of our accomplishments!  I cant wait to report on all we've done!

A huge thank you to everyone that has been involved with WIFCaP in any way.  Whether it be an donation, adopting one of our lonely felines, time spent helping or even an encouraging comment on  face book.  We need you ALL.  We are hoping that you will stick with us through 2012 and beyond!  Just wait to see what we can do as we all pull together!