Mrs. Gray & Zeva

Mrs. Gray hangs out a garden in Walnut

Mrs. Gray is a little gray cat who lives in Walnut.  Kathy first "met" her in the late summer of 2011.  It was brought to her attention that there was a mother cat with five babies, living under an unoccupied home in town.  Although they weren't causing any real nuisance,  the babies would cross the busy street and mama was searching for food in some unsavory places.  Not the best nourishment or environment for this little family.

WIFCaP was in the very beginning stages of formation and Mrs. Gray and her babies seemed the purrfect project to get the organization off the ground!   Mama and babies were extremely fearful and had little or no exposure to the operations of humans or TNR. They had no clue what walking into a baited trap might mean.  It was fairly easy to trap all six and hustle them in for their "spa treatment".   To WIFCaP, a spa treatment, includes spay or neuter, rabies and CRV vaccinations, a left ear crop (for identification purposes) and any other treatment the cats require.

This is of Mrs. Grays babies
This project was a true TNR (trap, neuter and release). After medical treatment all six were returned to their home.  "Home" had received a bit of a make over however.   A "feeding station" was placed close to the opening to their under the house home and every day, Kathy would visit with food and fresh water.

As is the purpose of TNR,  this little "colony" has decreased in numbers.  Where there used to be six, there are now two.

Mrs. Gray and her daughter Zeva have been the only two "residents" at Mrs. Grays for quite some time now.  The others have moved on.  Perhaps they are living in other parts of town or, sadly, perhaps some other event has happened that ended their lives.  It is estimated that outdoor community cats live an average of 2 years.

But Mrs. Gray and Zeva live a happy and contented life in Walnut.  They have become somewhat Internet stars, especially Mrs. Gray.
Our beloved Mrs. Gray

She has become the poster child of TNR for WIFCaP and she has fans around the world.   Kathy takes many pictures and short videos during her visits with Mrs. Gray and the process of turning a frightened feral cat into a loving, trusting little soul has been a treat and blessing to all who have watched the transformation. Those of us that know and love her even sport fan bracelets that promote TNR and read " I love Mrs. Gray".   After nearly 3 long years, these two gorgeous ladies decided to follow Kathy home and now reside on her front porch for most of the day.  It's much easier to feed them daily outside her front door!  Mrs. Gray and Zeva  trust more as time goes by, but they are still not pet, tame, domesticated animals.  They have a built in defense system that springs into action at any quick movement or noise.  The ladies will enjoy their outdoor life, with as much safety as can be managed.
Zeva is finally trusting!

Both Mrs. Gray and Zeva will now crawl onto Kathy's lap when she is relaxing on the porch swing, but picking up is still not an option!  They will now also enjoy the company of visitors (at a distance) and Mrs. Gray will even offer her friendship to those she chooses.

The first time both ladies greeted Kathy from the porch!

Remembering that the purpose of TNR is to reduce the over population of feral and homeless cats, we wonder how long we will be graced with Mrs. Gray and Zeva's presence in our world.   But with the healthy physical condition they enjoy because of their medical treatment, the nourishment they receive on a daily basis,their safe place to live and all the love that comes from around the world, we are hoping they will be WIFCaP kitties for a very long time!  Join us on face book 

UPDATE: Summer 2014 - Mrs. Gray found herself wounded and in trouble.  Being feral made it difficult for her to be taken to a vet for treatment and so the trusty drop trap was utilized.  It appeared her tail had either gotten caught in something or another animal had chased her and caught her by the tail.  In any event, the about half of her tail had to be removed.  She healed well and we continue to love our stubby tailed little girl!

Zeva and Mrs. Gray enjoy a headbutt and whisker kiss!
UPDATE: Winter 2016  - On December 20, 2016 during an especially nasty cold spell, Kathy decided that this would be Mrs. Gray's last winter outdoors.  A wonderful friend and supporter offered to provide her with an inside home and lots of love and patience for her to adjust to inside life.  We are happy to announce that Mrs. Gray now sits in a cat tree, inside and looks out , not having to weather the storms.    April keeps us up to date on how she is doing as she adjusts.  We are looking forward to the day, she also sleeps on laps and gives a cuddle or two.

Mrs. Gray in her cat tree!
Zeva remains on the porch.  Her turn will come too.   We know that timing is purrfect and for now, she is to stay there, in her heated hut with love pouring back to her from all our WIFCaP friends and family.

UPDATE: Fall 2017 - Zeva now has an indoor home too!   Biggest update is that Zeva is a "he" not a "she".  He finally tamed down enough to "look" and sure enough while we expected a female to stick around with mama, it was him!  Anyway we now call him "Z"...and he too, has an indoor home.   Our board secretary, who helped care for him for years, decided he needed to become part of her indoor family!   He is a happy boy and continues to become adjusted to the inside and his new brothers and sisters...