Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Low Cost Spay and Neuter Day is April 14th!

It's that time of year again and WIFCaP will be sponsoring a low cost spay and neuter day at Harlan Veterinary Associates and Referral Center in Harlan Iowa!
Your cat will receive spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations for rabies and distemper.  If the cat goes outdoors, we recommend a left ear notch for identification purposes, should he/she ever get trapped.

This event is limited to 30 cats - register early!

Cost is $50

Date: Thursday April 14, 2016

Time:  Drop off 8am   Pick-up same afternoon

Place:  910 Chatburn Ave - Harlan, IA

MUST Pre register and Prepay.   

Email to register and to get payment informaion

Please pass the word....this is a one day only event.  
*Please note: the cost for this proceedure is $10-15 more per cat.  WIFCaP is covering the difference.  Your donation to help with this granted amount is appreciated.