How to Adopt

Adopting a Cat/Kitten

Since we are NOT a shelter and do not have space to house and seldom are able to foster adoptable pets, we are limited in the pets that are available through WIFCaP.

When we know of available pets, either through an owner or through our partner vets, we post their information on our Facebook page for prospective adopters to see. 
WIFCaP has no fee for this service, but we would appreciate any donation you might want to make so that we can help other kitties in the future.

WIFCaP is happy to act as an avenue  between the vet/owner and a happy forever home for these felines.

If the cat or kitten is over 2 pounds and healthy enough, we urge that NO cat be transferred prior to getting their spa treatment and vaccinations.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance regarding spay/neuter and vaccinations.

Farm Cats:
Occasionally we have semi-feral cats that need a new outdoor home and we look for farms that may be willing to adapt/adopt them as barn or farm cats.  A personal interview with WIFCaP will get your farm on the list!  There are some guidelines which must be followed in order for their relocation to be successful.  Please see our page called Barn Cats to see if your farm would qualify. These cats would be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  We do not place unaltered cats.  While we do not charge for these animals, a donation is always gladly accepted!

What if my adoption doesn't work out?
First, of course, contact the person who you adopted the cat from   It would be a great idea to have those plans in place before adoption, but you can contact WIFCaP and we will do whatever we can to help you find a solution to your issue. Often times we can figure out ways for the pet to stay in the home. We have an active Facebook page to help you find a new home for your cat.