Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mrs. Gray Loves Her Red Swing!

Mrs. Abigail Gray
To me there is no other picture that depicts how happy Mrs. Gray is.  Her list of options was short when I first heard that there was a mother cat with five babies, ravaging the garbage bins in town to find food for herself and her little ones.  If it was going to take anything to get me to jump into developing a TNR program with both feet, this was it!  I realized that if Animal Control got them, their future was bleak.   I think back at the days, weeks, months and years that I trudged thru rain, snow and heat to make sure there was food in their little feeding station and to stick around to visit and build trust.  I watched the numbers reduce really quite quickly (isn't that the point of TNR?).  We will never know what became of Jenny, Tony, McGee and Palmer, but having Mrs. Gray and Zeva stay has been a blessing.  I will never forget the first day Mrs. Gray followed me home.  Zeva followed not long after.  They are HOME here and that warms my heart.  I doubt I will ever really hold either one of them in any place other than my heart...but having them nuzzle me and wind their way around my legs, to see the happiness and the peace they have, makes physically holding them insignificant.   They show me love in so many ways.  I am their "person" and I now count them as family.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

April Calendar....FULL!

True to the part of our mission statement that says:"To educate community members on the importance of spay or neutering ", WIFCaP has 6 scheduled meeting/ workshops/ events in April that will focus on the importance of responsible pet ownership, TNR, and ways to help WIFCaP...Just in case you think WIFCaP is asleep at the wheel....LOL!
April 13th: Kathy and Lois will attend a workshop to learn how to effectively fundraise for ‪#‎OmahaGives‬

**Please note:  Omaha Gives is a 24 hour giving day sponsored by the Omaha Community Foundation and American National Bank.  This one day event can raise thousands for WIFCaP.  As YOU donate, we can receive matching funds, and bonuses to go along with your gift!  Mark you calendar for this day!
Later that same day, Kathy will attend the Elliott, Iowa City Council meeting to give them information about TNR and offer assistance to help them get something started in their community.

April 17th: Kathy will attend a student volunteer fair with our Oakland helper, Gayle at Riverside High School in Oakland, Ia. Here, the kids will learn how they could help WIFCaP. Kathy will be helping the students download the ResQwalk App onto their smart phones, to show how easily a person can help our organization!

April 23rd: Kathy will head to Denison Iowa to give a trapping workshop. Denison is expressing interest in starting TNR in that area and they need help to get started on the right foot!

April 25th: Orschlens's Atlantic IA...adoption event and information about TNR, barn cats and responsible pet ownershiip. This is a SWIAC event (Southwest Iowa Animal Coalition). Organizations represented will be WIFCaP, Pott County Animal Shelter, Montgomery County Animal Rescue, People for Paws and Lusco Farms Rescue...

April 30th: Low cost spay and neuter Clinic, Harlan Veterinary Clinic in Harlan. One day only...Cats only...$60 includes Kathy for details...712-784-2490
 Ongoing- and as ever, we continue to trap in our region.   To date this year, we have given spa treatments to 74 cats.   April is another busy trapping month!  Stay tuned to see what a small grass roots effort can do.   Donate by clicking the donate button at the top left side of this page, or click the Donate page on the right to see ALL the many ways we can use your help!