Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Purina ProPlan to the Rescue!

Several Months ago, we applied and were approved to be part of Purina's ProPlan to the Rescue.  Which means that we are eligible to receive donated food from Purina ProPlan!  Ive been waiting and waiting and yesterday was the day the big UPS truck pulled up to my garage to unload!  I'm not even kidding when I say that I almost spit out my chicken noodle soup when I saw the truck slowing driving by my house!
Christmas in November!
No, the truck wasn't full!  But the wonderful and kind driver unloaded 234 pounds of ProPlan cat food for our colonies!  That might sound like a lot of food, but in reality it will only be around for a few weeks and we will be out again.   This donation, however is a HUGE blessing to us and we send many thanks to the team at Purina's ProPlan to the Rescue!

Oh what a beautiful sight!

What this means is, our feral colonies will have a great Thanksgiving and wonderful food for weeks to come!

Zeva waiting for Breakfast!

Friday, November 1, 2013

WIFCaP's Fall/Winter Auction 2013

Kathy's Lucy or other kitties just might photo bomb our listings!

WIFCAP's Fall/Winter Auction
November 12, 2013 - November 19, 2013
Auction begins at 7pm Eastern time and ends at 6:59 pm EST on Tuesday November 19th

WIFCaP holds online auctions about 4 times a year. They are a major fundraising event for WIFCaP.  It's important for all of you to know that ALL proceeds are used to give outdoor feral and homeless cats their spa treatment, which includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, and any other medical treatment deemed necessary to give those kitties  a good chance at a happy, healthy outdoor life.  The funds also go to helping to keep them fed in a managed colony!

We hope you will participate in this Fall/Winter Auction that will begin on November 12th!  Its critical to our cause, so we also hope that you will not only join in yourselves, but that you will tell your friends and family about it so they, too can join the fun and help a kitty or two in the process. Use that SHARE button!

We have a great following on our facebook page, now over 1300!  That makes my heart happy, as we do not go out and solicit followers, we hope that they find us on their own and through friends.  We hope that you are on our page because you love cats and you support our work with TNR.  So please, if you are unable to make bids on our items, would you please share the auction info on your page during auction week?  We are hoping this Fall/Winter auction will be our best ever and bring in more money than ever before.

Thank you in advance for playing our game and saving the lives of many feral and homeless kitties as well!


Its easy!

Because of fine print and Facebook rules, we have opted NOT to hold our auctions directly on our pages (Western Iowa's Feral Cat Program or WIFCaP Auctions), although you will see many of the items pictured there for your viewing pleasure.

Our auctions are held on Ebay, so you will need to be registered as an Ebay buyer.  Its easy and quick and you can even keep yourself signed in if you want.

Its easy to find our auction items, just put "wifcap" in the search box and all items we have listed will appear on a list.  Browse and shop and most of all bid!

High bidders will receive an email invoice with total amount due.  PLEASE WAIT for an invoice....should you win more than one item, you will see your total amount due (with shipping if appropriate)  and you can pay from there.

We try to put a wide variety of items on our auction.  Some with low starting bids and some higher.  Some Cat related and some not....some brand new and some gently used or vintage and all delightful !
Specially made blank note/greeting cards with a vintage look!

Remember!  This auction is to raise funds, so please be generous with your bids.  All of our items are donated to our cause with the hopes of bringing much needed funds to WIFCaP.

Regarding postage.  MOST items will be listed with postage to USA included in the winning bid.  Please remember that postage has gone up and a good part of your bid will just cover the funds to mail it...again, your generosity is appreciated!

We accept your payment through Paypal, so it's quick and easy.

Have fun !!!