Monday, October 17, 2016

Good morning feral and homeless kitty lovers!

Ending the season with a HUGE trapping tomorrow.   I don't feel ready.  I feel exhausted!  BUT it is the last trapping for my 2016 season, so we might as well go out with a BANG!

I want to thank you all for your donations over this year so far.   Without you all, we could not do this project!  Depending on how many we get, our cost could be close to $3000!  I hope Dr. Sternberg eats his Wheaties tomorrow morning!   We will all need energy!  My thanks in advance to Lois and Laura for helping me trap and of course to Doc and Anne, Bri, Kim, Collette and Susie at the office who will all have to put up with us coming and going, and the stink of what will most likely be at least half male cats.

So today, I will get my car packed and ready.   Lois is actually getting a trailer to haul traps, as we will need all 40 of our traps and then some carriers.  We will be able to transfer some of the kitties from traps to carriers so we can reuse the trap.  This will be our biggest trapping ever.

I may do some live feed from the site if I think I have time to do it on Facebook.

That might be fun!

Have a great day.  Headbutts and Whisker Kisses.