Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pushing the Boundaries!

Starting a TNR program for feral cats seems so cut and dried and nicely fenced in with the boundaries that are written in the mission statement.

What we have however, found out in the months since we began, that many of the free roaming cats, that many perceive as "feral" are indeed socialized strays or throw-aways.  We have also found out that word gets around quickly that we have become the "cat rescuers.  We are faced with situations other than the normal trap, spa treatment and release.

This little video stars Breanna...who is finally playing with a string.  She is a farm kitty that was attacked by an aggressive Tom.  We were called to assist.  This sweet kitty lost her tail due to the infection and is still healing after many weeks.  She is almost well and we are enjoying her beyond description!  Breanna loves attention and loves being held.  Bree has a home waiting for her when she totally recovers. How will we function without her?

The video pans to the gorgeous boy sitting on the stool.  That is Mr. Kitty.  He was found in Omaha as a stray. After weeks of trying to find his home we have decided to help him find a new one.  A regal boy, he is gentle and sweet.  A big boy at 12.5 pounds, he is skinny.  He longs to be held and cuddled.  One look in those green eyes and you are hooked.

So our mission statement and finely tuned rules of trap neuter and return stretch a little bit beyond the boundaries to which we try to adhere.  Kind of like our hearts...

 Mr. Kitty


Breanna thanks those of you that sent special donations to help her heal.  Without your generousity WIFCaP could not do what we do.  YOU are WIFCaP!