Friday, September 7, 2012

Tarzan, King of the Jungle!

Being a TNR group definitely has its ups and its downs and lately a few downers have make us sad.  We lost little Figaro who brought to us from Lewis, NE by a very nice couple that wanted him to be cared for and healed.  We weren't able to do that.  He was just too weak and ill to pull through.  Figaro has a nice shady spot in my back yard with a little frog statue to mark his special place.  Then there was Mo, who was too small  and had been too alone for too long.  He will rest peacefully at True Haven.

But on to good things and happy endings!  This is Tarzan.  He was found by some children in Walnut along the banks of a creek.  They called us for help to find him  new home. We took him and had him checked out and he got his deluxe spa treatment.  Petra and Rick Heiney, who are the parents of the kids that found him wanted to foster his while we look for a furever home for him. The problem is that this little boy is so sweet and loving that they have decided to keep him.  FOSTER FAIL!  Tarzan, our little king of the jungle is #100 for spay and neuter thru WIFCaP.

 Rest in Peace Sweet Mo
Rest in Peace Sweet Figaro

And another happy ending for the remaining 3 kittens.  We found a mama who has lost her kittens who has decided to be a mama to our 3.  A happy ending for sure!!  Thank you Mama Allison!

TNR is never just that.  Ive found that out in a heart wrenching way.  I've learned that most cats we find are not true ferals...but homeless, frightened wonderful cats that need people!