Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zeva Comes "Home"?

To say the morning started out like every other morning wouldn't be the truth.   I was up a 5:45 to be ready to meet up with Deb B. to travel nearly 40 miles to trap a colony of 10 outdoor kitties for "spa treatment"...we went  - we trapped and we conquered...4!   We will be going back on Friday to try to get the remaining cats.   After depositing them at AVC, filling out the paperwork and loving up on the clinic kitties ( all 11 of them if you count Peanut and Simon), it was back home to finish out my day.
Little trapped kitten ready for Spa treatment!
  As usual, Mrs. Gray was waiting for me when I arrived and ushered me to the back door.  I went in and got her breakfast and fresh water and visited a while before I went in for my own lunch.

Mrs. Gray escorts me to the back door...
Next it was on to the post office to mail our precious grant application.  I was shocked that Mrs. Gray followed me for a full block...just like a puppy she trotted behind me until I got to the bank.  She's never done that before...always realizing I'm NOT going to Zeva's, she stays put in the yard and watches for me to return.  She waited, but this time more than a block away from her home.

I had brought Zeva's lunch with me and so the two of us continued on to Zeva's house.  We filled her dishes with food and water.  Zeva is always happy to see me. She is more interested in me than the food...I get lots of head butts and whisker kisses... She and Mrs. G however, don't seem to want to be together anymore.  Strange because they are mother and daughter and lived together since Zeva's birth over 2 years ago now.  Since Mrs. G has migrated to my front porch, she and Zeva avoid and physical contact. Who knows what kind of mother-daughter tiff they might have had....

After a few minutes of fellowship, Mrs. Gray and I hurried across the highway to our big white house on the corner....  As I was coming up the steps I hears "Meow...." behind me and yes....

Zeva followed me home!

Zeva had followed us home!   I was totally shocked and happy (I think)...  She checked out everything on the porch.  Found out where the food and water was.   Sniffed the igloo and the straw bale... and even head butted Mrs. Gray.   They actually seemed happy to be together..It could be that Mrs. Gray's jutting away from her before was actually trying to get her to follow her?

Mother and daughter reunion?

So there you are...Mrs. Gray and Zeva both on my porch.   My fear and concern is that Zeva will go back and forth for a time at least...or who knows, maybe this will be her only visit.  So, I will just pray they stay put and avoid the highway.  They are my beauties and I know you all love them too. Thank you for helping us take care of them!