Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thank you!

To say this year has been a success is an understatement!  We will have TNR's over 500 cats by the end of 2016!   We have you, our supporters to thank for Lois, Lori and I being able to do what we have been able to do this season.   Without the support of our donors, we could not have helped so many cats have a better life or prevented thousands of kittens from the horrors of living the outdoor life they would have been subjected to.   We know that we have kept many from ever seeing the inside of a shelter from which they most likely would never have left alive and we know those same cats are now sleeping in the shadows somewhere until nightfall or waking up to the a full bowl of food and water supplied by a loving caregiver.

It "takes a village" though, and we also could not have done this without our wonderful vet partners, Dr. Sternberg and Dr. Joyce.   These guys are heroes in our eyes.   For them to be so flexible with us, never knowing for sure how many we are going to end up hauling in for spa treatments,  knowing they are going to be dirty, stinky,riddled with fleas and mites, possibly injured...these guys and their wonderful staff of techs and assistants treat each cat, no matter what, like they belong to a personal client.   We so appreciate everything they do for us almost on a daily basis.

So, the 2016 season ends.  We will take care of the 'fringe" trappings when the weather permits and we will start a new list for the new year.

The new year brings some changes to WIFCaP.   At the final  2016 meeting of the Board of Directors, Kathy asked to step away from the primary position of President and Executive Director, to allow her the freedom to travel, sell her house and actually "retire".   The board of directors unanimously voted Lois Hartje as new President/executive director and Treasurer, Kathy as Vice President, Becky as Secretary.   These positions will be in place for one year.

Kathy will continue to work on Facebook, the website and will mentor Lois.   WIFCaP is in good hands with Lois.  We look forward to 2017 so we can continue to help more kitties in Western Iowa.  Should you have any questions or comments, you may email Kathy at or Lois at